VIDEO – Yes, Aston Martin did build a V8 Vantage with an engine twice the power of a current Bugatti Chiron.

Aston Martin offers a wide range of sporty models. Currently, the most powerful model in this range is the DBS Superleggera, powered by a twin-turbo 725 horsepower V12. But in the early 90s, the English manufacturer was making the craziest machines in the world.

Its Vantage, which became V600 Le Mans in its ultimate version at the end of the decade, claimed 600 full-round horsepower. At the time, it was quite simply the most powerful car in the world (but the chassis didn't follow at all). And, still in this very special period, Aston Martin dared an even crazier prototype: that of a Vantage pushed to 2800 horsepower.

A dragster

The story behind this prototype is not trivial: In 1993, the drag specialist Al O'Connor was dating an employee of Aston Martin. Through his relationship, he succeeded in having the construction of an Aston Martin dragster prototype internally validated, prepared with the help of Hauser Racing. But when the couple broke up, the prototype was scrapped. This Aston Martin with a 2800 horsepower V8 has therefore never raced. And it is approved for the road …