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Aston Martin DBX quotwellcome on boardquot The Auto Blog - Aston Martin DBX: "wellcome on board" - The Auto Blog

The presentation of the Aston Martin DBX is now imminent. It will take place in this month of November.

The teasing phase deployed by Aston Martin around the first SUV in its history, the DBX, continues. Once again, the manufacturer invites us into its cabin. In addition, it indicates the date of official presentation. As we wait for it next month, it will actually take place November 20, in Beijing, in China. This country was probably not chosen by chance …

Almost 200 k €

What's more, Aston Martin has already announced DBX's marketing rates in several countries around the world. The closest to France is Germany where the price reaches € 193,000, which includes a three-year maintenance contract. Aston Martin also specifies that the orders will be opened from the day of the presentation of the DBX.

A V8 of 550 hp

For the record, the first engine of the DBX will be a V8 original Mercedes AMG delivering a power of 550 hp. Later, it should be joined by a hybrid engine.'s review

We have already said a lot about the arrival of an SUV in the range of Aston Martin, less on the presentation of his first bike, the AMB 001. No longer missing a bike, a helicopter, a jet, a yacht … and a second SUV!

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