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Clearly, luxury brands are keen to participate in the vast SUV market which currently represents the largest share of sales, all models combined. It is clear that after Bentley and its Bentayga, Rolls with its Cullinan, Lamborghini and its Urus, Porsche with the Cayenne, and even Ferrari with its future Purosangue, Aston Martin was not going to stay on the side of the road, even if it was. she tortuous. Here is the famous DBX, the first copies of which are just reaching customers.

A priori, it would not occur to many people to sit at the wheel of such a magnificent car – especially when you know the price: nearly 200,000 Euros excluding options but with three years of maintenance. – to go alongside a few solid trees, follow generous ruts overflowing with mud thanks to a ground clearance increasing to 45 cm, a feat, climb blind earth domes with a 15% slope, or even check lateral stability by climbing lightly on very raised aisles. But that's exactly what we did in the English countryside, in the private estate of Millbrook, one day after a very British rainy day.

The fear came mostly from the dread of missing a maneuver even though the advanced electronics of this SUV didn't seem in any way impressed by the hardships we put it through. Then hit the road with this magnificent machine equipped with a famous V8 twin-turbo 550 hp (700 Nm) from AMG left time to appreciate the capabilities of the car, its cabin worthy of a limousine with its system of ambient lighting with a choice of 64 colors that can be individually customized for the front and rear environments of the passenger compartment, identical comfort, all with performance (0 to 100 in 4.5s, 291 km / h) that the private circuit allowed us to discover, both on the speed ring as on a reconstituted mountain road with all the tight turns necessary for a good grip of the car.

We can imagine that this will be the "normal" use that future buyers will make of it, knowing that already nearly 2000 orders have been recorded, much more likely to reach their golf club or mountain chalet. And in this "normal" use, especially with the cylinder deactivation device to improve fuel economy, amateurs will appreciate the quality of the finishes of this all-terrain "limousine" which we like to be the driver with ergonomics. peak, and the privileged passenger.

It must be said that in both cases, the leather upholstery with exceptional finishes ensures perfect support and ideal seating. We would have almost forgotten the hassle of driving on the right, which required constant attention. It was also necessary to be very careful on narrow roads because if this SUV is long enough (5m04), it is especially very wide: 2m22.

In terms of driving, and depending on the mode chosen, the air suspension coupled with adaptive dampers and the active anti-roll system will be particularly appreciated. It must be said that with its 22-inch wheels, the car has a lot of seating. There are of course the two modes that we have so much fun to use: Sport and Sport +, capable of bringing a high level of dynamism to the drive, while the pleasant noise of the V8 fills the cabin without excess.

However, we should be wary of the weight: 2.2 tonnes, which does not really encourage you to take risks on wet roads. We had already really liked the new gearbox that powers the latest versions of the DB11, and here we find these quick and efficient gear changes. The most comes of course from the first-class storage space, with 632 liters of trunk and 40:20:40 folding rear seats.

So, savoring the comfort on the one hand by savoring the basic 800-watt sound system equipped with a new amplifier system developed in collaboration with Harman / Samsung, or preferring to listen to the engine react to the slightest request, we tell ourselves that this SUV meets all the expectations of a demanding gentleman driver.

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