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If we knew the miniatures and toys from theAston Martin DB5, the English brand is launching a concept that should be a landmark. Thus, a “Junior” version of the DB5 will be offered for sale. A modern version of the pedal car that will appeal to lovers of the James Bond car.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior, the ultimate collector for kids.

By partnering with Little Car Company, Aston Martin strikes a blow in the world of the derivative product. We knew pedal cars and other children's cars, here is a 2: 3 replica of the DB5! An electric car for our cherubs that has everything a real car.

Under the hood, there is a 5kW motor (or 10kW for the Vantage version). This electric motor has a range of 64 km. The "miniature" is almost similar in size to a Twingo. Thus, this beautiful toy is 3m long and 1m10 wide. The body is in carbon fiber.

This DB5 Junior is equipped with a limited differential which allows adjustment of the power transmitted to the roads. 3 driving modes are available: Novice, Expert and Race. Ideal to be able to adapt to each child.

Like its 1/1 scale model, this Aston Martin DB5 Junior will be produced in 1059 units. The price will be between 39,000 € for the basic version and 50,000 € for the Vantage version!

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