Aston Martin DB11 ridiculed –

It's not so much the pink color that shocks on this DB11 as its ridiculously detailed rims.

The Aston Martin DB11 is clearly one of the most beautiful cars in the world. Like the DB9 before it, this large GT 2 + 2 benefits from breathtaking styling with its long bonnet and dreamy silhouette.

But the copy pinned by the Reddit site contrasts quite violently with the classic elegance of the Aston Martins that we often see in the street. This DB11 is painted a very unconventional pink color, which does not totally ruin the look of this pretty sports car.

The rims, enough is enough

Unfortunately, the rims of the machine make this poor DB11 ridiculous. Instead of the classic wheels, this car is indeed equipped with pink rims whose branches form small hearts. Enough is enough, here is the Aston Martin decked out in a presentation that has nothing to do with the usual class of these English cars. Note that this car is currently in Vancouver, Canada.

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