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The day when Apple removes the ringtone / silent switch from the iPhone will be a revolution for Apple… and for users! This button is indeed present on the smartphone since its very first incarnation in 2007. A prototype iPhone 2G shared by @ 1nsane_dev even features a small bell-shaped engraving.

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Urban legend: a few units sold commercially would display this design.

This switch was even incorporated into the first-generation iPad, where it was first used to lock the screen orientation (very handy) and then to activate silent mode. On the tablet, the button quickly disappeared to make room for an adjustment in the system, but it still keeps its place on the smartphone.

After getting rid of the port jack and the home button, Apple will no doubt find the courage to do away with this survival of an ancient time. We also expect one day or another to say goodbye to the volume buttons which are replaceable by a tactile tab with haptic feedback, to the cradle of the SIM card in favor of the eSIM, or even to the Lightning port. – Ming-Chi Kuo dangled a connectorless smartphone for 2021 …

Quite often, the use of the switch is limited to activating the squelch when receiving the iPhone, and then it is forgotten. This is all the more true as the Apple Watch is ideal for being notified of a call or the receipt of a message. Are you still using your iPhone's ringtone / silent switch?

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