Apple: Your old iPhone will not work from November 3rd without an update – 20 Minutes

Owner of an iPhone 5? Do not forget the update. – Francis Dean / Shuttersto / SIPA

D-5 before disconnection. From November 3, owners of iPhone 4S and 5, as well as the iPad 2, Mini, 3 and 4, will encounter serious problems if they do not update to iOS 10.3 .4 or 9.3.6, reports in particular West France. The risk ? No longer be able to access the AppStore, iCloud, messaging and Internet browsing.

A GPS problem

As Apple explains in
 a note, this update is necessary so that the device "keeps a precise location" via GPS. Without that, you can not use features that need the date and time. As explained West FranceThis is a problem related to a "reset calendar that allows devices using GPS to function properly."

In practical terms, if you are the holder of "old iPhone", all you have to do is update before November 3rd. After that, you will have to restore your device via your computer.



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