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Apple has taken no chances with its iPhone 11 series (judiciously improved) and this results in an extremely solid range that works perfectly. But the real novelties should appear on the next generation planned in 2020.

After a series of leaks (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), we know a lot about Apple's plan to launch in 2020 a radically redesigned iPhone. Rendering artists at PhoneArena have all gathered for the first time.

The points to remember about the so-called iPhone 12, are the intentions of Apple, disclosed repeatedly, to restore a more stylish design resembling that of the iPhone 4, as well as to shrink the "notch" (l notch at the top of the screen). Apple also adds an additional camera to flight time (ToF, in English). Time of Flight) – as most competitors – with, as Bloomberg details, the inclusion of long-range 3D features in the main camera, to allow the mapping of environments to a maximum distance of 4.5 meters. A feature designed to stimulate augmented reality applications.

Faults ? I understand there will be no fourth camera because a ToF sensor is tiny and 3D will come on the main lens. The existing triple range will therefore appear largely unchanged. That said, PhoneArena perfectly outlines what we can expect.

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And what PhoneArena can not show are the many internal changes that Apple has also planned. Perhaps most important is the inclusion of 5G on all models, although the return of the Touch ID may be just as popular as ProMotion displays. The long-awaited move from the Lightning to the USB-C should also prove popular to encourage Android owners to switch sides.

The only problem is the cost: according to reports announced earlier this week, all these improvements could lead to significant price increases. But if Apple manages to limit this, the iPhone 2020 may well be one of the most promising iPhone in recent years.

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