Garden closed on purpose to retain those who have entered or a secure garden to protect occupants? Epic and Apple have a diametrically opposed view of the iOS App Store. Their respective lawyers had the opportunity to report on the first day of the trial between the two companies in California, for the next three weeks.

Epic wants us to become Android, but that’s not what we want “Said Karen Dunn, one of Apple’s lawyers, adding” And our customers don’t want it either. They want to have the choice “. The choice between two models. That of Apple which conditions the downloading of iOS apps to a passage through the App Store, and that of the Android ecosystem where we can bypass Google Play and look for apps elsewhere.

This is what is at stake in the lawsuit, Epic hopes to obtain justice that Apple no longer imposes the App Store (and, therefore, its integrated payment method) as the alpha and omega of downloading and payment for apps and content on iOS.

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The garden could have had a door “Argued Katherine B. Forrest, one of Epic’s lawyers, saying that” Apple’s plan was to lock users in and prevent them from changing and leaving the Apple ecosystem. “. Epic has produced several internal discussions showing that Apple officials were fully aware of the ability of their apps and services, when put together, to make a platform change more difficult for users.

His colleague reversed the point of view, by placing himself on the side of the developers, and put forward the security card, a theme on which Apple systematically relies to defend its model: ” Apple didn’t create an integrated, secure ecosystem to keep people out “, She did it for” welcome developers without sacrificing the principles of confidentiality, reliability, security and quality that consumers expect “.

Again, Epic was able to show, in its preliminary presentation, examples where the monitoring of the content of the App Store by Apple has been caught, to the chagrin of its officials.