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Apple has just deployed iOS 13.5. This is the special Covid-19 update expected by users. Indeed, you can now unlock your iPhone without removing your mask. A second functionality has also been introduced.

apple ios 13 5 - Apple: unlock your iPhone wearing a mask with iOS 13.5 update - tom's guide
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iOS 13.5 was an update expected by all Apple users around the world. A few months ago, it would not have received as much attention, but times have changed with the pandemic. iOS will now be able to take into account the wearing of a mask to unlock the iPhone with Face ID. So this is udoes Covid-19 special feature, but when you think about it, it could have been introduced a long time ago. Wearing the mask is a common practice in Asia (for example in Japan) so users in this market would have appreciated having it earlier. In any case, it is now deployed so let's see precisely what it brings.

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Face ID adapts to the wearing of the mask

A few weeks ago, Apple rolled out iOS version 13.5 beta 3, which allowed them to adapt facial recognition and which implemented the first version of the tracking API. The beta is now over and all compatible iPhones have received the update. The adaptation of Face ID may not be the one you have in mind, however.

No, Apple has not developed a whole new technology. Facial recognition is still not able to identify the user if he is wearing a mask. On the other hand, Face ID recognizes wearing a mask and automatically redirects the user to unlocking screen via PIN code. The feature will activate automatically when iOS 13.5 is installed on your iPhone.

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The trace API is also implemented

A second feature linked to the Covid-19 has also appeared. As stated above, these are the tracing API. Baptized " Exposure Notifications API "Is the one that will be used by compatible applications such as technology developed by Apple and Google. You can access it from the settings, confidentiality tab then health section. However, configuration is blocked until you have a compatible tracking application installed on your iPhone. Moreover, it is important to clarify that the French StopCovid application is not.

Ultimately, Apple is trying to get as health oriented as possible with its new update. The Cupertino company should perhaps reflect on the current situation and rrealizing the importance of the fingerprint reader. It may be time to revive Touch ID on the next iPhone.

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