It is a new patent signed by Apple which suggests that the American giant will soon implement a new system of “smart battery”To his iPhones. A system that would allow the user to be able to better manage the autonomy of his smartphone, and the iPhone to warn its owner, if the latter were, for example, to forget to recharge the smartphone in the evening.

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Towards a smarter battery on iOS?

Indeed, at present, the iPhone is responsible for warning its owner when the battery level reaches 20%. However, the patent filed by Apple would allow this same battery to offer intelligent notifications, based for example on the user’s habits.

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Often a “low battery” indication based on a fixed threshold of remaining charge is not received in time for the user to take appropriate action.”Explains Apple. Indeed, receive the message “low battery”When you’ve just put on your coat to go to work in the morning is never very practical.

Thus, Apple could not only offer smart notifications, making it possible to predict the shutdown of the smartphone according to the use of the latter and the day of the week, but also to warn the user to recharge his terminal.

If the user has the habit of recharging his iPhone in the evening, the smartphone can send a notification to its owner, inviting him to plug in his smartphone, even if the battery has not yet reached a critical stage, in order to to avoid the syndrome “low battery”Morning explained above. Remember that Apple has made many optimizations in recent years concerning the use of the battery of its iPhones. This new function could for example be activated via the next iOS 15, which will be delivered with the future iPhone 13 range expected in September.