Every year, Apple brings together the developers and engineers of its ecosystem for the World Wide Developers Conference, its biggest annual event with the presentation of the new iPhone. Unlike the September keynote, which was very focused on material announcements, the WWDC places more emphasis on software : it is an opportunity to unveil the next functions of the operating systems of the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

Like last year, the 2021 edition of WWDC will be entirely digital. The opening conference will be streamed Monday evening at 7 p.m. KST and Apple will host virtual workshops with professionals.

The bulk of the conference is expected to be devoted to showcasing new features in the iPhone operating system that will improve the user experience this fall when the update is released to the general public.

With iOS 14 last year, Apple mainly upgraded the iPhone interface, with greater emphasis on widgets, a picture-in-picture mode and more discreet incoming calls. Then the brand focused on strengthening the privacy of iPhone users by launching an anti-advertising tracking option much criticized by Facebook via the iOS 14.5 update in the spring.

This year should give rise to a more modest overhaul, if we are to believe the various reports published in the specialized press, with some graphic changes for the home screen and new options for customizing notifications.

Different notifications depending on the situation

The American economic daily Bloomberg understands that new options for setting alerts will be proposed to adapt to different moments of everyday life such as conduct, the job where the sleep. Like the “Do not disturb” mode, it will be possible to activate or deactivate certain alerts and to define automatic responses according to their status. A new menu accessible directly from the lock screen and the control center will allow users to control these settings.

Apple would also like to strengthen the social dimension of its messaging Messages to compete more with its competitors Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger, reports Bloomberg. Home video call service FaceTime could be put at the center of a new function of management of the meetings in company to play on the beds of Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

In line with Apple’s commitment to data privacy in recent years, iOS 15 is expected to offer a new option showing applications that collect information silently on its users. Apple has identity thousands of apps that use trackers to collect and share personal information like phone number or location. This new function is supposed to curb this practice.

A new home screen for the iPad and homeOS?

Apple should also announce new products for its range of tablets. A graphic overhaul of the home screen relatively similar to that of the iPhone with iOS 14 would be in the pipeline, with the possibility of placing widgets (miniature applications) more freely to access at a glance the latest sports results, the weather, songs or photos. Apple could also take advantage of the integration of the M1 chip in the latest iPad Pro to announce new gateways between its professional tablet and its laptops equipped with its in-house processor.

The opening conference of the WWDC will also be an opportunity to discover the software innovations of Apple Watch and Mac. Announcements regarding the second version of Apple’s in-house ARM chip could also take place, with the presentation of new MacBook computer models. Finally, the specialized press suspects Apple of preparing the launch of a new operating system dedicated to home automation products, homeOS, which could foreshadow the launch of a new device at the crossroads of the iPad, Apple TV and the HomePod speaker.

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