Apple is preparing to start production of the iPhone 13, a recent report indicating that the company has reached out to suppliers to order components for future models.

Digitimes reports that several companies, including Cyntec, Quartz, and TXC expect a massive increase in revenue from its contract with Apple, especially as industry experts predict a substantial increase in smartphone sales this year.

Overall, Apple could therefore increase its orders for the iPhone 13, although, for the moment, no real figures are available.

Apple should launch four iPhone models as part of the iPhone 13 generation, and all are the successors of current models already on the market. In other words, Apple will unveil a new iPhone mini, but also improved versions of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

However, the only model that is still uncertain is the 5.4-inch form factor, as Apple has reportedly stopped production of the iPhone 12 mini due to slow sales. So, given that the mini didn’t perform exactly as expected, it will be interesting to see if the company still wants to release an upgraded model or not.

The latest generation of the “mini”?

Those with knowledge of the issue have previously stated that the iPhone 13 will be the last generation of the mini, although given this production adjustment, there’s a chance Apple will drop that size a bit sooner.

The biggest change coming to this year’s iPhones is a smaller notch, although for now it’s likely to happen exclusively on the Pro and Pro Max models. Other than that, the new iPhones would be visually analogous to models already on the market, with an emphasis on under the hood upgrades including a new processor and better cameras.