Rarely has the rollout of an iPhone software update been so anticipated. Apple published this Monday, April 26 iOS version 14.5, the operating system of the famous smartphones. Expected for several weeks, it brings a whole series of improvements in the functioning of iPhones and a major turning point for the protection of privacy and the world of mobile advertising, which we explain to you in more detail in this article.

All iPhone compatible with iOS 14 are obviously eligible for this update. This concerns all models launched since iPhone 6s until the iPhone 12, the latest from Apple.

Don’t worry if your iPhone doesn’t offer you the update notification tonight. Deployment may take several hours. It is anyway rather advised not to install it at first because the first version is sometimes accompanied by bugs in the applications while the editors adapt them to the new system.

Another tip: before proceeding with the installation, remember to free up space in your device’s memory and back up your data in case a problem occurs during configuration.

Overview of the main new features of the iOS 14.5 update for iPhone users.

1. Unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask

Problem born with the pandemic, unlocking the iPhone with a mask is not easy. As the mask prevents the Face ID facial recognition system from scanning facial features to recognize the owner of the iPhone, you must enter your code after several unsuccessful attempts or lower your mask to allow the system to work.

To relax this central use of millions of iPhone users, Apple has implemented a system to validate the unlocking of the phone with a mask using the Apple Watch as a trusted third party. Connected to the iPhone, the connected watch must be worn on the wrist, protected by a secret code and run under the watchOS 7.4 software at least for this technique to work.

2. New voices for Siri

The update allows you to choose new voices for Apple’s virtual assistant. Siri can be configured to no longer be a female by default when starting a new device or in Siri and Search settings.

Through change, Apple wants to offer more freedom to its customers. “This is a continuation of Apple’s long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion and products and services designed to better reflect the diversity of the world we live in,” we said. indicated the mark.

For the occasion, Apple is launching four new English-speaking Siri voices (two for men and two for women) and improves the assistant’s voice transcription. But French users must be satisfied for the moment with the current two voices.

3. New emojis for the iPhone keyboard

A constellation of over 200 new emojis validated by the international Unicode consortium makes its appearance under iOS 14.5 to add to the iPhone keyboard new combinations of mixed couples, a heart on fire, a smoky face, a wounded heart, a man giving a bottle, a woman with a beard or a vaccine syringe.

1408091 de nouveaux emojis font leur apparition sur l iphone - Apple launches iOS 14.5: what's new for iPhone users?  - RTL.fr
New emojis are appearing on the iPhone
Credit: Apple

4. Better privacy protection

Apple is implementing the “App Track Transparency” feature announced several months ago in order to give its users the possibility of choosing to share their data with application editors so that they are offered targeted advertising subsequently.

Application developers must now ask permission to track their activity on applications and websites. It is possible to deactivate this tracking by default in the privacy settings of the phone.

1408095 avec ios 14 5 les applications doivent demander l autorisation pour suivre les utilisateus - Apple launches iOS 14.5: what's new for iPhone users?  - RTL.fr
With iOS 14.5, apps must request permission to track users
Credit: Apple

This measure is strongly disapproved of by Facebook and companies in the world of mobile advertising, which fear major losses in revenue.

5. But also

Apple is also making improvements at the margin to improve its various services. Functionality “Call announcement” uses Siri to announce the various meetings and conferences scheduled in the agenda and suggest, for example, the launch of a FaceTime with the interlocutors at the scheduled time.

The application Reminders becomes more efficient with more possibilities for sorting events and new printing options. The service TV + now allows single episodes to be saved in the library for downloading and viewing offline. Finally, Apple finally brings the support for latest generation console controllers, the PS5. and the Xbox Series X, for playing on the iPhone.

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