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At Apple, there is no doubt that we are feverishly preparing for the presentation event of the next iPhone. Things are a little complicated this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, but a leak from Apple announces a keynote on September 10. Unless it was a mistake …

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The Californian manufacturer will not be idle by the end of the year, between the iPhone 12, the new Macs equipped with Apple Silicon chips and all the rest (Apple Watch Series 6, iPad, and maybe a new HomePod) . Added to this is the delay caused by the coronavirus and its consequences on the development of new products and the assembly line. The back-to-school keynote, traditionally dedicated to the new iPhones, is therefore all the more eagerly awaited.

Apple's YouTube account leaked

Generally, this event is held at the beginning of September, and Apple may have let slip a date: the manufacturer has indeed mistakenly shared with its YouTube subscribers a mysterious “test” scheduled for September 10, as in 2019. It is however possible that this is simply a mistake …

First, the announced day is Thursday, which is unusual for an Apple keynote. Other information that puts the chip in the ears, the manufacturer confirmed in its last financial results that the marketing of the iPhone 12 will suffer a delay of a few weeks. Why organize a party so early, if only to wait until October to buy it? This is not Apple's customary practice: it usually takes two weeks from presentation to market, with pre-orders in between.

Apple could also roll out two keynotes: a first in September (maybe the 10th?) To launch its new smartwatch and tablet, and then a second event in October for the iPhone 12.

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