AMD graphics processors, Nvidia GPUs, Xbox Series, PS5 … There are many shortages in the tech world and this also seems to affect the components of iPhone 12. Apple seems to have difficulty keeping pace.

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As 9to5mac reports, iPhone production is suffering from a shortage and this is unlikely to improve in the coming months. Indeed, according to a Bloomberg report, the pandemic is causing a lot of problems for the assembly lines. Neil Mawston, analyst for Strategy Analytics, explains:

The pandemic, social estrangement in factories and increasing competition from tablets, laptops and electric cars have created some of the most difficult conditions in many years for the supply of components to smartphones

He estimates that the prices of major smartphone components, including chips and notches, have risen 15% in the past three to six months.

Apple, a major Qualcomm customer, recently said sales of some new high-end iPhones were being hampered by a shortage of components.

A problem which therefore affects the entire industry and which should be resolved during the year with the proliferation of vaccines, especially in countries like China.