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"I do not see her reaching level 5 in my lifetime ", Regretted the man, at a recent conference on the automobile. Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs's right-hand man and co-founder of Apple 1st April 1976, spoke about the autonomous car. While the apple brand is among the few players to spend billions of dollars on technology for several years, the computer scientist also called "Woz" expressed his skepticism.

For him, the autonomous car is far from ready. The one that is categorized as "level 5", ie the maximum level in the development of the driverless car, is still far from topical. "You must always be ready to take over. And you know what that means? You must learn to drive »said the man, who has never mentioned the Apple Car elsewhere.

Where is the Apple Car project?

During his speech, "Woz" did not mention the work of the apple brand on this subject. However, Apple has the objective to offer its own technology, but it turns out that the news about the Apple Car is actually not very positive.

Earlier this year, the Cupertino company dismissed no less than 190 employees from its autonomous car development program. All were in an engineering position, and it's a safe bet that Apple wants to take its time on the technology, without necessarily trying to stand up to the leader of the sector, leading a race to be the first to innovate the sector. mobility.

Nevertheless, the project never fell in the water. A recruitment this summer has also brought up to date the project of Apple Car. The apple brand has actually recovered Steve MacManus, who is none other than the vice president of engineering Tesla from 2015 to 2019. A senior executive at Tesla, while the California firm is one of these main actors working on the autonomous car.

A critical speech towards Tesla

Paradoxically, the speech held by Steve Wozniak was not soft with the firm of Elon Musk. Specific to Apple, the co-founder spoke by pointing the finger Tesla through wanting to propose a technology that is not operational.

Toyota leads Tesla and other competitors in the auto sector

"Tesla autonomous cars have shown a lot of mistakes they can make, and even the stupidest driver would not do", do not hesitate to say Steve Wozniak, while the man was very often impressed by the history of the electric car brand.

His "love" for Tesla, Woz actually recalled it in his speech. But adding that this attachment was unfortunately linked to "hatred", because the man felt "Too often fooled", by the claims of the brand to offer a semi-autonomous feature.

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