Has the apple firm decided to get into the automotive sector? So far, Apple has not made any such statement, yet the company’s shares tend to believe it is. Indeed, IT Home reported to us on Monday January 11, 2021 that Apple is currently in talks with several players in the automotive industry.

Among the brands cited by the site, we find Hyundai Moto, but also Mercedes-Benz Daimler and others. Hyundai has indeed said it is in contact with Apple regarding production of vehicles for the Apple company but that negotiations are still at an early stage.

Apple Car Apple would also negotiate with Mercedes Benz FREDZONE - Apple Car: Apple would also negotiate with Mercedes-Benz - FREDZONE
Credits Matias Cruz – Pixabay.com

However, if Apple is serious about expanding its business to include auto production, it looks like it’s not just betting on a partner, but testing the waters with other automakers as well.

Apple is willing to negotiate with all car manufacturers except Tesla

CBN.com said in a report that an auto industry insider told him that Apple was looking for OEMs from automakers. Specifically, Mercedes-Benz Daimler was said to have been the first manufacturer that Apple came into contact with.

Analysts believe that many automakers could cooperate with Apple to design the Apple Car. Among the brands that were mentioned, we find Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Honda and Geely.

But if Apple is willing to do business with these manufacturers, there would be one that it would have decided to simply boycott: Tesla.

Apple on the verge of entering the electric vehicle market?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk indeed tweeted in December that in the company’s darkest days, while designing the Tesla Model 3, he reached out to Apple to discuss a possible sale of his business.

Elon Musk said he wanted to sell Tesla to Apple at the time for around $ 60 billion, but Tim Cook refused to receive and discuss it.

Yet analysts say, in relation to Apple’s choice not to collaborate with Tesla, that cooperating with such a mature company in the field of electric vehicles would have been a golden opportunity to seize the opportunity offered by electric vehicles in the next ten years. Either way, considering that the $ 60 billion that Elon Musk wanted at the time is currently only a tenth of Tesla’s market value, one can imagine that Elon Musk is relieved that Tim Cook did not have. not accepted the deal.