What did Apple look like… before? Before the iPhone, before the iMac, before the Mac? Let’s turn a few pages of the history of the Apple brand together… Today, we set our time convector on January 8, 2007, the day before the presentation of the very first iPhone by Steve Jobs.

Apple is still officially called Apple Computer, Inc. for one last little day: the next day, the brand will definitively abandon any reference to computers in its name, taking note of the diversification of its activities – and in exchange for a check for $ 500 million paid to Apple Corps, the company founded by the Beatles.

We must admit that, in recent years, Apple has cast a wide net. While she had focused on computers, their peripherals and their software, for nearly 25 years, the transition to the year 2000 freed her from a deep rut. In quick succession, the brand approached the music player market with the iPod in November 2001 and then that of music distribution with the iTunes Music Store in April 2003.