New Zealand Chinese Pioneer Network Sophie compiled According to the English-language “Herald” report, the outbound highways in Auckland and Wellington have begun to be congested, and many people left early to avoid long weekend traffic jams.

At 2:40 in the afternoon, the speed of the Auckland South Highway was as slow as a snail, and in some places it was even motionless.

Google Traffic Map shows that from the northSilverdale to the southPapakura, Auckland66Kilometer longSHIThe road sections are all red.

20210423SL03  ResizedImageWzYwMCw3MTRd - Anzac’s long weekend out-of-town peak arrives early, and Auckland is congested for 70 kilometers from north to south | New Zealand Chinese Pioneer Network

due toAnzacThe long weekend coincides with school holidays, and people who are out on holiday this weekend have been warned that the roads will be extremely busy.

At 1 p.m., in AucklandManukau CityThere was traffic jam around, at least to the southDrury, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Drivers are urged to wait patiently and pay attention to the following distance.

in the afternoon12point20Minute, TakaniniA crash in the southbound lane also increased congestion. The accident blocked the middle lane and was completely cleared around 1:30, but it also caused delays.

20210423SL01  ResizedImageWzYwMCw1Njdd - Anzac’s long weekend out-of-town peak arrives early, and Auckland is congested for 70 kilometers from north to south | New Zealand Chinese Pioneer Network

Vehicles heading north are at the usual bottleneckWarkworth,Wellsford, Waiwera and PuhoiThe road section also began to encounter traffic jams.

In Wellington, around the citySH1The traffic along the route is very heavy.

FromNZTAofRua PaniSaid that with the opening of the Australia and New Zealand bubble, there will be more holidaymakers on the road.

During the holidays, congestion and delays are inevitable. Since it is a school holiday and there are still tourists coming from the Tasman Sea, we would like to remind everyone to allow enough time for the journey.

Drivers are askedDrive carefully according to traffic conditions and plan before leaving home.

Except for weather changes and emergencies, all road works will be suspended until Tuesday to minimize delays.

PaniSaid drivers need to be aware that for safety reasons, Auckland andWhangāreibetweenSH1Will continue to implement temporary speed limits at several construction sites, including passing throughDome Valley ofMatakana Link RoadwithLoop Road.Loop RoadWestwardSH15withRawene RdUpSH12There will be traffic control.

He also advises people to plan their journeys and travel during off-peak hours.

tonight8Before o’clock, and Saturday morning8Half past half to afternoon3Between points, in Auckland’sSH1on,Puhoi toWellsfordThe traffic flow between is expected to be very large.

SH1Go south from AucklandManukauThe busiest time for traffic is this morning10O’clock to afternoon3O’clock and Saturday morning9O’clock to afternoon2point.

When returning on Monday, the highway is expected to start from the morning11Point till night8Points will be very busy.

Tips for Safe Driving on Long Weekends

  • Please check whether the vehicle is “healthy” before traveling, including checking tire pressure and tread, wipers, indicator lights and vehicle headlights.
  • Traveling during holidays should be especially careful of various situations: increased traffic, congestion, fatigue driving, and people driving in unfamiliar environments.
  • Drive carefully according to the road conditions, even if it means that the speed will be lower than the prescribed speed limit.
  • Avoid fatigue driving. Rest regularly and stay alert.
  • Keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead so that you can stop safely.
  • Be patient-due to increased traffic over long weekends, overtaking is unlikely to have a significant impact on your journey time.
  • Allow enough time. Remember that you are on vacation, so there is no need to worry.

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