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Ansamble carbone score 217x300 - Ansamble displays the “carbon-score” of its recipes - Restauration21

The dual Nutri-score and Carbon-score display ensures the transparency of its consumption to the guest.

With the "Carbon-score", Ansamble (a subsidiary of the Elior group) communicates the carbon footprint of its dishes to diners. The tool was developed with the consulting and research firm for environmental transition Eco2initiative. The calculator translates the environmental footprint of a recipe into carbon equivalent, based on the Ademe, Base Carbone, FoodGES and Agribalyse work. These emission factors are then refined according to the criteria of seasonality, production method (organic, labels, etc.), storage and average distance from supplies. They are then aggregated in proportion to the recipe in order to obtain the carbon impact of your plate, expressed per 100g in carbon equivalent eqCO2.

Creamy radish with radish tops, Anjou quinoa with chickpeas and vegetable tagine, white cheese with strawberries. This 3-component meal served in an Ansamble restaurant has a carbon weight of less than 1,500 g Co2 eq per place setting. To achieve this result, the brand follows the recommendations for low-carbon cooking from the association Bon pour le Climat.

Carbone score 1 - Ansamble displays the “carbon-score” of its recipes - Restauration21

Like the Nutri-score logo, the “Carbon-score” is expressed by 5 colors and 5 letters.

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