Annoyed but confident, Todt says he has 'no fear' about Ferrari's withdrawal from F1 –

The FIA ​​and the FOM are currently pushing for the amount of capped budgets to be lowered, as much as possible, to $ 100 million, by seizing the opportunity opened by the coronavirus crisis. The recession threatens the existence of several F1 teams, so there is an emergency for Todt.

"What we are going to present for the future goes in the right direction" he argued for Sky Sports.

"It is clear that we are going through an unprecedented economic situation and that is why there is an opportunity to take a direction that we would not have taken. "

"I really hope that everyone (all teams) can stay on board and, in that sense, the aim of the new rules is to give all competitors the same chance to stay in the sport in the future. "

"This will be the post-Covid-19 situation. This virus has done a lot of harm and damage to many manufacturers, competitors, sports federations, private teams, sponsors and the media. So we will have to see how we can all work together to support each other as much as possible. It will be the next step. "

Ferrari, opposed to an excessive reduction of capped budgets, has however already threatened to leave F1 … What does Jean Todt, the former manager of Scuderia, respond to this blackmail?

"Don't be provocative or negative", answers, annoyed, Jean Todt to the journalist.

"I have no fear about it. I hope everyone has a good sense of responsibility in the current situation to help us achieve what is necessary for the best of Formula 1, the competitors, the promoters, the governing body and the fans. "

"This is what we are trying to achieve. I respect Ferrari for its history and contribution and I am sure it is ready to maintain a high level of contribution to what we are building. "

Jean Todt, a prosecutor on recent Ferrari news, was annoyed one last time by the journalist, who questioned him about Sebastian Vettel's failure at Maranello.

"Again, I correct you. Be more positive. Sebastian Vettel is one of the greatest talents in motorsport. It has been announced that he will not drive for the team beyond 2020. "

"There are many other opportunities. We can only wish him the best and I think so. Whoever takes it will be very lucky. "

"Maybe he will be a good FIA president in the future. You never know, ”said Todt.

Sebastian Vettel to succeed Jean Todt? It will probably not be for December 2021, the date of the end of the Frenchman's mandate. Besides, Todt has ruled out, for the moment, any exceptional extension of his mandate in the face of current circumstances.

"I still have a year and a half in office and I plan to do my best by then. "

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