The National Frequencies Agency takes stock of the year 2020 and pinpoints nine smartphones with too high SAR, including Xiaomi, Nokia or OnePlus models. Also affected, the Razer Phone 2 has undergone a recall procedure and has been withdrawn from stores.

The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) finally waited until July to present its report for 2020. In its mission of regulating the use of radio frequencies, it is called upon to control the specific absorption rates. of devices sold in France. During the past year, the ANFR has carried out measurements on 95 smartphones from 33 different brands. All these models were checked in trunk DAS, ten of them were checked in head DAS and 59 in limb DAS.

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The Agency can choose the smartphones it wishes to test and explains that it has chosen to target models manufactured by emerging players or covering smaller market shares. It’s not uncommon to see her checking devices released by manufacturers that have already exceeded the regulatory limit. In 2020, the ANFR ensures that it has “Controlled the phones representing 82.5% of sales in France according to the GFK index”. As a reminder, the Agency performs measurements for the three types of SAR: head SAR (limit at 2 W / kg), trunk SAR (limit at 2 W / kg) and limb SAR (limit at 4 W / kg). kg). To find out more on this subject, do not hesitate to consult our file devoted to the Specific Absorption Rate Index (SAR).

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9 non-compliant smartphones out of 95 models tested

Of the 95 models that were measured, nearly 10% exceeded the regulatory limit for trunk SAR. The ANFR specifies that eight of them were the subject of a software update which put an end to the non-compliance. The smartphones concerned are the Sony Xperia 5, Nokia 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Xiaomi Redmi 7, Gigaset GS270 Plus, Logicom Le Hola, Nokia 3.1 and OnePlus 6T. We note the presence of two models for manufacturers Xiaomi and Nokia, as well as the presence of brands such as Sony or OnePlus. Another smartphone, the Razer Phone 2, has been withdrawn from the market and has been the subject of a recall procedure for models already sold. As early as May 2020, we discussed the situation of this model which finally said goodbye to the French market.

In a table, the ANFR lists and details the measurements carried out on the nine non-compliant trunk SAR devices. Note that no non-compliance was found for smartphones checked for head and limb SAR.

Phone model SAR “trunk” measured Manufacturer’s decision SAR “trunk” measured after update
Sony Xperia 5 2.64 W / kg Update
1.13 W / kg
Nokia 7 plus 3.48 W / kg Update
1.58 W / kg
Xiaomi mi
Note 10
2.45 W / kg Update
1.12 W / kg
Razer Phone 2 3.29 W / Kg Withdrawal of
market and
service by
Xiaomi redmi
2.01 W / kg Update
0.951 W / kg
GS270 Plus
2.37 W / kg Update
0.898 W / kg
Logicom The
2.58 W / kg Update
1.61 W / kg
Nokia 3.1 2.73 W / kg Update
1.82 W / kg
Oneplus 6T 2.56 W / Kg Update
1.17 W / Kg
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