android system big  w770 - Android: your applications crash since this morning?  We explain how to solve the problem

It is likely that you have been having difficulty with your Android smartphone since this morning. Many users report applications that crash and become unusable. But rest assured, the culprit has been identified and the problem can be easily corrected.

How to correct the problem?

“Android System WebView”, a component of Android that allows web content to be displayed on mobile applications is the cause of all of this hassle. Google has therefore rolled out an update to correct this.

The procedure is a little simpler. Just go to the Play Store, open the side menu and click on “My games and applications ”. You then install the latest update for the application “Android System WebView“, but also for “Google chromeAnd the problem is solved.

Summary of the procedure:

  • Go to the Play Store
  • Find the Android System WebView app
  • Click Update
  • Perform the same operation for the Google Chrome application.