Android: Xhelper, a virus impossible to remove

The simple download of an application can now turn into a nightmare for Android phone users. The company Symantec, which publishes the famous Norton antivirus, has recently identified malicious software that can not be removed, for the moment, relays the site Futura.

The program, named Xhelper, is Trojan horse type and installs on the smartphones of users who download certain applications on unofficial platforms. It has not been spotted on the official Android Play Store. On Tuesday, October 29, Symantec reported 45,000 infections, saying that the malware contaminates about 100 Android phones a day, mostly in Russia, India, and the United States.

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A virus permanently downloaded

According to Symantec, the virus is an adware, and therefore displays advertisements without the knowledge of the user. And since it is hidden within an application, it has no icon. To find it, you have to go to the phone settings, where Xhelper is listed as a service, not an application. Another peculiarity of the program: it is reinstalled systematically, it seems by installing code in the affected devices, which would allow it to be downloaded permanently. Even a return to the factory settings of the phone would not get rid of it. To guard against any infection, says Futura, the best thing is to stick to the downloads available on the Play Store, and regularly update his phone.

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