210325 android system webview 640x199 - Android System Webview, the solution for applications that crash on Android

You’ve probably noticed it, but Tuesday morning your Android phone did. Some applications launch and close immediately. You probably thought that restarting this would solve the problem, but no. You then choose to turn it off but nothing helps, some of your applications refuse to function normally.

If you are a little curious and have scoured the internet a little bit, you have undoubtedly found the solution. If this is indeed the case, all the better because it means that you were not the only one. But I tell myself that there are inevitably some readers who still have not found the solution. And casually, it had been a long time since I wrote on UnSimpleClic, right? This is why I will take 5 minutes to give you the solution. You will see, it is very stupid.

A very simple solution

To summarize the problem, the culprit is called Android System WebView. To put it simply, this little program allows Android applications to display web content on Chrome. There, you are bound to tell me that you have not used Chrome yet. It is actually a system component that many applications use.

The only solution was initially to simply uninstall Android System WebView. But since then Google has been working on a fix and now it is enough to update this app. That’s it that’s all !