Android: P2P app sharing soon?

android p2p applications big  w770 - Android: P2P app sharing soon?

Google may soon introduce app sharing, according to Android Police
peer-to-peer in Google Play. There is already the function

Nearby Share
to transfer images or videos to

, but P2P would allow applications to be shared between phones.

The "My games and applications" section of Google Play could be
used to send offline applications via peer sharing to

Android Police describes the following procedure:

  • Select an application to share;

  • Choose the mobile of a friend nearby to share the application;

  • Both people need to open Google Play and connect to each other
    the other ;

  • The application will then be sent from one phone to another using
    Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi.

Unsurprisingly, paid apps would not be eligible for this
functionality. Google hasn't commented on this yet.
of this information.

Article from adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Angela Lang / CNET

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