Virus%20smartphone%20A  w630 - Android: New adware spotted in 21 popular apps

Google on Monday removed 15 of the 21 Android apps from the official Play Store over the weekend, following a report from cybersecurity company Avast, which identified them as infected with a type of malware known as HiddenAds. Discovered as early as 2019, this strain of Android adware works by displaying intrusive advertisements and opening mobile browsers to advertising or promotional pages.

For Jakub Vávra, malware analyst at Avast, these apps mimicked popular games, with the group of cybercriminals behind the operation relying on ads and social media marketing to lure users to their Play Store pages. . Once installed, these applications played the HiddenAds malware, then hiding the application icon (making it difficult for
users to delete the app in the future) and starting at
bombard users with advertisements.

Six of the 21 apps spotted by Avast are still available on the Play Store at the time of writing, such as Shoot Them, Helicopter Shoot, Find 5 Differences – 2020 NEW, Rotate Shape, Cover art Find the Differences – Puzzle Game , or even Money Destroyer.

Google warned

Avast said the apps had more than seven million downloads before it reported to Google last week. Jakub Vávra said that it's easy to fall in love with these apps and install one on your phone, but there are patterns and clues that can help users identify potentially malicious apps.

"Users should be vigilant when downloading applications to their phones and are advised to check the application profile, examine them and be aware of the many requests for authorization from devices," said the latter. In addition, since many of these apps (games) are aimed at children and typically advertised on social media networks, the analyst also encouraged parents to talk to and teach their children about malware and safety by line.

The Avast report released today is the latest in a long list of warnings to Google about malware operators who manage to get their malware over the defenses of the Google app store. American giant.


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