Google will soon introduce a new feature in its Digital Wellbeing app. This feature called Heads Up, for “Head Up”, will warn users who walk using their smartphone. The goal is of course to avoid accidents related to the inattention of some users, their eyes riveted on their device.

smartphone notification marche - Android lets you avoid poles when you walk
Credits: Pixabay

The Digital Well-being application will be equipped with a new functionality very soon. Baptized Heads Up, or head held high in the language of Molière, it will invite users to stop staring at their smartphone when they walk. The feature is currently being rolled out to the latest beta of the Digital Wellbeing app. Several owners of the Pixel 4A are already taking advantage of it, as some social media posts attest.

If you walk while using your smartphone, receive a reminder to focus on your surroundings. Use your smartphone with caution. Heads Up does not replace being attentive ”, can we read in the configuration page of the functionality. As explained by our colleagues at The Verge, Heads Up will send you several notifications like “Watch where you step ”,“ Stay alert ”or“ Look up there ”.

The smartphone and inattention, a dangerous cocktail

It must be said that the functionality developed by Google is welcome. For several years now, accidents directly linked to the use of the smartphone have multiplied. As detailed in a study published in 2019, many people end up in hospital every year for accidents, falls, lacerations due to their smartphone. Or more precisely of their inattention.

Thus, between January 1998 and December 2017, nearly 2501 patients admitted with neck injuries, head and hands due to smartphone use in the United States. There are many examples: cut fingers trying to cut vegetables and watch the recipe at the same time on your smartphone, broken noses following a shock with a panel or a fall on concrete, etc.

Another tragic example, a Frenchman was killed in 2019 while wanting to take a selfie in front of a waterfall in Thailand. Like the researchers behind this study, Google therefore wishes to remind users that it is essential to be aware of the environment around them.

Source: The Verge