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The functionality initially reserved for Google wearables extends to new products, including Fitbit connected bracelets and OnePlus Buds.

Concept popularized by Apple with its Airpods, fast pairing has found its way on Android, especially with Google’s Pixel range. This much more elegant and practical pairing method could hopefully become the new pairing standard on Android.

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The question of parity for connected objects

In addition to opening up to more wireless audio devices, quick pairing is therefore available for connected bracelets, here the Fitbit, a brand which, as a reminder, was acquired by Google last year.

The change should bring more parity to the Android world with a feature that will no longer be exclusive to the Pixel ecosystem (or more broadly Google). It remains to be seen if Apple will do the same on iOS and will offer its pairing interface to interested developers and manufacturers with, why not, an announcement with great fanfare at WWDC 2021.

Source: 9to5google.com

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