Instagram has just received its latest update on Android. Problem, this version creates problems for many users, between slowdowns and repeated crashes. For now, no patch has been deployed by the social network.

instagram crash appli - Android app keeps crashing since the last update
Credits: Pixabay

Definitely, Instagram users are not done with bugs. While the application was the victim of a big bug worldwide a few weeks ago, the Android version of the social network still seems to be making its own. Indeed, Instagram has just received its last update on Android. Update, deployed since April 13, 2021, obviously poses many problems.

Since the arrival of this new version, users have complained about repeated crashes, bugs of all kinds and slowdowns. Complaints have also multiplied on the Google Play Store page of the application. “I can no longer access my personal home page. The app crashes immediately. I can access everything else without crashing (exploring other pages, my profile, posting, etc.) ”, assures a user.

He pursues : “My professional account has not been affected, it is working perfectly. I restarted my smartphone, turned it off and on again after an hour, changed my passwords, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, nothing fixes the problem. Instagram didn’t help me at all ”, he laments.

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No solution on the horizon

Our colleagues from the Bleeping Computer site confirm that they have encountered the same problems since the update was deployed, in particular on their Samsung smartphones. According to their information, cleaning the app cache or even reinstalling it does not fix these issues. For the time being, Instagram has still not deployed a fix and did not wish to respond to requests from Bleeding Computer.

You will understand, if you are victims of this kind of dysfunction, it will take patience, especially since there is obviously no backup solution. We will update this article when the social network has spoken on the subject, or if it decides to deploy a patch. And you, have you been affected by these problems since the arrival of the last update on the Android version of Instagram? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Bleeding Computer