Android and web search, Google's auction system annoys DuckDuckGo

Google is taking advantage of the EU's loosely framed competition demands to make money. The choice of search engine on Android devices is based on an auction system. The data-friendly DuckDuckGo engine pays the price. He is no longer present.

Google now offers a choice of five search engines when starting Android. In other words, when launching a new Android phone in Europe, users can choose a different search engine from Google. However, the allocation of places is special. It is not based on the qualities of each other. The whole system is based on auctions. The highest bidders win.

Search engine and Android, an auction system deemed pernicious

According to DuckDuckGo the approach is pernicious because the best way to make money is to sell ad space and user data. So it goes against his philosophy. Suddenly the verdict is harsh. Google removed DuckDuckGo from its list because the engine is not financially generous enough.

On this subject DuckDuckGo adds

“Our engine, despite being the 'Google' alternative that many consumers want to choose, will no longer emerge in most countries. As a result, many EU residents who buy a new Android device will no longer have an easy way to switch to a privacy-friendly engine. "

DuckDuckGo explains that this disappearance is the consequence of its wish not to turn to a practice that would compromise the privacy of its users.

“Although we have been highly profitable since 2014, we were excluded from this auction because we chose not to maximize our profits by exploiting our users. This auction format encourages bidders to bid on which they can hope to profit by selecting users. "

Finally, regarding his presence so far, DuckDuckGo specifies that he was not eliminated for two reasons. The first concerns the prices that have been temporarily low and the second concerns the real impact of being on this list.

“We did not have adequate data on the results of the auctions and the impact they had on our business. "

Google has yet to respond to these allegations.

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