Android and iOS natively integrate contact tracing

Apple has just released its iOS 13.7 update which adds the Covid-19 exposure notification system that users can activate if they wish. Google will do the same with Android by the end of the month.

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Apple and Google have integrated directly into their Operating systems respective mobile contact tracing solution that they offer to better follow the progress of the Covid-19, eliminating the need to design and download a application dedicated. The two American giants had launched in April a tool allowing holders of smartphones equipped withAndroid orios to exchange information, via Bluetooth, with applications developed by public health authorities, such as StopCovid for France.

These, which can be downloaded from the online stores of the two groups, allow their users to be warned if they have come across another user infected with the virus in the previous days. coronavirus.

Android and iOS users free to activate or not the device

Current versions ofAndroid and D'ios, the most widely used operating systems on smartphones across the planet, will now directly integrate the exhibition notification system. Apple just released the iOS 13.7 update which activates the feature while Google plans to release the update for Android 6 and higher by the end of the month. Public authorities no longer need to design their own tracking application. The owners of the phones will have to accept that it is activated in order to know whether or not they have crossed paths with carriers of the phone. virus.

" We make it easier and faster (for public health authorities) to use the exposure notification system without having to create and maintain an application ", Underlined the two companies in a communicated common Tuesday.

The new proposed solution provides them with " additional option To complete their palette of plotting tools. It will be compatible with applications using the system initially developed by Apple and Google. This development was planned from the start.

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