During the “Game Developer Summit 2021” organized online by Google on July 12 and 13, several new features that will arrive with Android 12 were revealed, according to an official blog post spotted by Lemon Juicer. With this new version of Android, users will notably be able to start a game even before its download is complete.

This feature called “Play as you download” is based on crowdsourcing. It allows Google to prioritize the components of the game to download based on user behavior. Thus, some titles could be partially playable only a few seconds after the start of the download, according to tests operated by Google.

Release planned for the second half of 2021

For developers, accessing this feature wouldn’t involve any real change, as long as the app uses the Android App Bundle format. For now, “Play as you download” has only been reserved for a few games, but a waiting list should soon be made available to developers wishing to have access to it.

On the occasion of the “Game Developer Summit”, Google also affirmed that it wanted to continue to simplify the work of mobile game developers with Android 12. A partnership with Qualcomm was notably announced, in order to facilitate the deployment of Android 12 on smartphones with a Snapdragon processor. The public beta of this new version of the OS competing with Apple’s iOS has been available since May, for a first series of releases scheduled for the second half of 2021.