Android 12 will also better protect the lives of its users. Operating system settings will ensure that applications no longer have access to the clipboard or exact location data. Just like on iOS 14, these will first have to ask for permission to get this information.

Android 12 vie privee - Android 12 takes inspiration from iOS and forces apps to ask permission to spy
Credit: XDA Developers

Since rolling out its first beta, users can take a look at new features in Android 12 ahead of its official launch. Among the latter, some particularly attract attention. We have also noticed that Google was freely inspired by its direct competitor, by offering a one-hand mode similar to that of the iPhone. This is not the only feature of iOS that the Mountain View company has implemented in its OS.

Indeed, we also find the same notifications as on iPhone when an application reads the clipboard. Since Android 10, users can block background apps from accessing the clipboard. On the other hand, those displayed on the screen do not need any permission to consult this data. This will change with Android 12. In Settings> Privacy, it will be possible to activate a function called ” ATfile access to the clipboardWhich will notify the user when an application reads the copied content.

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Better location data protection on Android 12

Applications will also need ask users for permission to access their location data , just as iOS 14.5 introduced. These must already obtain permission to view them when they are running in the background. With Android 12, the window warning the user has been reworked to give the user the possibility of provide only an approximate locationto the application.

In February, a leak revealed that the next update will also show notifications when an app has access to the camera and mic, like on iOS. Android still offers to improve the functionality by giving the possibilityto switch off all the sensors of the smartphone at will. Other elements will also be optimized, such as universal search in alternative launchers and themes based on the wallpaper.

Source: XDA Developers