Who says new year also means new version of the Android OS (operating system), equipping the vast majority of smartphones. Expected in a first version for the month of February, here are the new features planned for Android 12, some of which should please many people …

The world is divided into 2 categories. Not between those who have a rope around their neck and those who cut it, as in westerns, but rather between those who have a phone running Android and those who have one running iOS.

The first operating system, Android, is that of Google, which equips most smartphones, although brands like Huawei have had to launch their own OS lately. The second, iOS, is the one developed by Apple, and which only equips the iPhone. Android is therefore the most used, and sees a new version arriving each year, with each time its small batch of new features. According to the usual schedule, a first version intended for developers should arrive in February, before the launch of a beta in May, for a global deployment at the start of the 2021 school year. The arrival of this “first draft” allows in any case to have a lot of information on the new features that will be present, and will therefore change the way your smartphone works.

To begin with, Android 12 will obviously seek to improve the “split screen” function, which allows you to view several tasks at the same time on your device, and to display 2 simultaneously, at the top and at the bottom of the screen. This is not always very obvious or intuitive, especially on the new foldable smartphones, like the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold from Samsung, which have just 2 screens. To optimize this function, Google was therefore inspired by what is done for example on Microsoft Surface Duos, to create a function “pairs of applications” (“App Pairs” in VO). In this way, it is possible to “link” 2 applications, to open them and work on them at the same time – no doubt via a shortcut – and thus combine tasks. This should prove to be very practical by coupling Google Maps and Chrome for example, or Google Sheets and messaging like Slack. Enough to save a lot of time, and make the multitasking function easier and more intuitive.

Nearby Share, for easier sharing of WiFi passwords

But this is of course not the only new feature that should be present in Android 12. First of all, access to other application libraries than the Google Play Store should be made more readable and easy, but just as secure. . In terms of security precisely, it seems that a “restricted network” mode is also deployed, to prevent unauthorized applications from having access to the network, and therefore from sending or receiving data. In order to optimize this time the storage capacity of smartphones, a “hibernation” mode would also be developed, to somehow let unused applications sleep, and thus reduce their energy consumption in the background to nothing. Another novelty, updates could now be done directly via the Play Store, and no longer from the device. What relieve the manufacturers, who had to adapt their smartphones each time to the new Android update.

And last but not least, the good news that will delight all people (and there are many) whose first sentence when arriving in a new place is “what is Wifi?” (understand “Would you be so kind as to tell me the Internet identifiers of this charming house?”): Android 12 should include the Nearby Share function. This will allow the connection identifiers from one smartphone to another to be communicated in a secure manner. Gone are the days when you had to bend over in the middle of 300 cables and with a flashlight to write down a jdkhsdhsh87khf type Wifi key on a post-it. And no one should complain …

A few more months to discover these new features and the deployment of Android 12. Until then, find the best smartphones at the best prices on the SFR online store, with for example the brand new Samsung Galaxy S21, available for pre-order.

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