Android  w630 - Android 12: Google publishes a second preview for developers

Google released the second version of the developer preview of Android 12, the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, on Wednesday. This new version gives developers a preview of the new features that the new operating system will include. It includes updates related to security as well as user experience.

Android 12 Beta

Last month, Google launched the first developer beta of Android 12, making some under-the-hood changes to the operating system for both consumers and businesses. With Android 12, most of the app changes will be accessible to developers, giving them more time to make sure their apps are compatible with the new version.

“We strive to make updates faster and smoother by prioritizing application compatibility when deploying new versions of the platform,” writes Dave Burke, vice president of engineering, in a post. blog. Now is “a good time to begin your compatibility testing and identify the work to be done.” We recommend that you start quickly, so that you can release an update compatible with Android 12 Beta 1 ”.

android12 - Android 12: Google publishes a second preview for developers

The beta version is expected to arrive as early as May, while the final version is scheduled for August or later. Developers who are already using the first preview version of Android 12 can now get an OTA update for this version.

The news

Here are some highlights of this version:

  • Control the overlap of applications: Currently, Android users can receive alerts for important actions above active apps. Since this interrupts the user, apps should already request permission to display these notifications. In Android 12, developers can control whether these overlays can be displayed on top of their content.
  • Secure lock screen notifications: Developers can now configure actions on lock screen notifications to require authentication. For example, an email application might require the user to authenticate before they can read or delete a message.
  • Support rounded corners: Google is introducing new APIs where developers can configure rounded corners on a device, allowing the app to adapt to its aesthetic.
  • Improvement of the “Picture-in-picture” (PIP) mode: For those who use gesture navigation, Google has improved the way apps switch to PIP mode by swiping up to return to Home. Among other things, this means better resizing of the PIP window for non-video content.
  • Keep the applications of connected devices running: For applications that manage peripheral devices like smartwatches and bracelets, Google extends Companion Device Manager with a new CompanionDeviceService API. The goal is to make sure the app is running and connected whenever a paired companion device is nearby.


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