The preliminary version of Android 12 should be available soon for developers, in the coming weeks, we are told. With Android 11 just starting to roll out to compatible smartphones, what to expect in terms of new features?

android 12 - Android 12 beta, coming soon, what to expect?

The versions of Android follow each other at a fairly steady pace and this is clearly assumed by Google. Indeed, it is rumored that the American giant could present Android 12 at its next I / O conference which could take place during the second quarter of 2021. Despite this, a beta version of the next version of the operating system should be available well before that, within a few weeks, a priori. Indeed, the Mountain View firm seems to have started the development of Android 12 and some new features would be expected.

Among the new functions of Android 12, the split screen system could be easier to use and more ergonomic. Indeed, currently, it can be used to open two applications at the same time on the screen. However, the ergonomics are no longer suited to the large screens that we have at our disposal now. So Google would be working on a revamped version of the screen sharing feature. This would involve using a new feature called “application pairs”. Where the current split-screen system pins one app, Android 12 will bundle two apps into one “task.” This means that it would then be possible to choose two of the recently opened applications to form a pair with the running one. Once paired or paired, it will be much easier to switch from the single application to the created pair.

partage ecran sous android11 - Android 12 beta, coming soon, what to expect?partage ecran sous android12 - Android 12 beta, coming soon, what to expect?

More vibrant games

Since video games are very popular, Google is thinking about optimizing connections with game controllers. Currently, when such a device is connected to Android via USB or Bluetooth, the vibrations are not as intense as with a console. This comes from a limit imposed on developers who do not have access to different sensitivity possibilities for the vibrating module and irreparably results in a haptic feedback that is too weak and not very exciting for the players. However, it seems that with Android 12, Google is adding support for amplitude control which generates different vibration effects. Not all game controllers will be supported, as the driver must support force feedback on Linux, the base of Android.

Android 12 manette - Android 12 beta, coming soon, what to expect?

New for networks

Finally, Android 12 should allow sharing of Wi-Fi passwords with other devices nearby. Currently, sharing is possible via a QR Code but the new version of the system could result in password sharing being integrated into the nearby sharing function. This would facilitate the exchange of information with trusted devices. For this to work, both phones would have to be powered by Android 12. The protocol used for this function is not yet final. Despite this, Google would work on a “restricted network” mode which, when activated, would give access to applications with network authorization, so that people without authorization would not be able to connect to the Internet.