Android 11: Go version available, with 20% faster navigation

android 11 go - Android 11: Go version available, with 20% faster navigation

Image: Google

Google is rolling out the Android 11GB edition, for entry-level, low-power devices, following the release of Android 11 earlier this week.

Faster and more secure

The internet giant announces that the latest update of Android Go will launch applications 20% faster than the previous version, allowing users to switch between applications without their device gets bogged down.

As with the classic version, Android 11 GB includes new privacy features: unique permissions for the microphone, camera or location on apps, automatic reset of permissions for apps that don't have not been used for some time, and finally the new "Safe Folder", which allows users to protect specific files by storing them in a folder protected by a 4-digit PIN code.

The update will also allow devices with Android 11 GB to access gesture-based navigation.

An operating system for everyone

While Android 11 is coming to Pixel (Google) devices – from Pixel 2 – OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and Realme, Android 11 GB will be available for all new devices with up to 2 GB of memory.

Since its launch in 2017, Google reports that more than 100 million entry-level devices have installed Android Go.

When launching the new operating system, the internet giant explained that its objective was to provide access to computers even to the most disadvantaged communities. "For billions more people to have access to computing, it is important that entry-level devices are fully functional smartphones, can browse the web and use applications," observed Sagan Kamdar, director. of Android product management at the time.


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