Andreas Seidl, director of McLaren: "You have to be realistic, patient and ambitious" – F1 – McLaren – L'É

Without skipping the 2020 season, which will nonetheless be high in stakes, the teams are already looking towards 2021, with the big regulatory evolution that is coming. And who could reshuffle certain cards, as was the case in 2014 with the start of the hybrid era. In this context, McLaren, the good surprise of the 2019 season, hopes to get a little closer to the top 3.

“A very good progression, in my mind, would be to find ourselves between our current level and that of the top teams, explained Andreas Seidl, director of the English team, which will find the Mercedes engine in 2021. It would be a great success, but it will be difficult because the top 3 teams will undoubtedly also progress. They are the ones doing the best job right now, and they are going to approach 2021 ahead of schedule. "

"The capped budget will not affect them until 2021, he added. They will therefore always be ahead. But it is not impossible to titillate them, we have seen it in the past. You just have to be realistic, patient and ambitious. It will take time before everything is in place, but it was the case for Mercedes and Red Bull when they started. The most important thing is to have a clear vision of the future and how to put everything in place. "

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