The electric car seems to be, for many, the car of tomorrow. For many years, many car manufacturers have decided to dive 100% in the development of electric models. At Fiat-Chrysler Automobile, Mike Manley, the big boss, took advantage of the period of formalization of the merger with the PSA group in late October, to address the issue of development of electric vehicles. In Business Insider's remarks, the company boss said he could consider buying engines, suspensions, and batteries from Tesla so he can quickly produce large numbers of electric cars.

For its part, the French manufacturer has already embarked on the electric adventure and its list of models in electric version that will be launched by 2021 is growing. It includes the Peugeot e-208 and e-2008 or the Opel Corsa-e. It would not be very interesting to order from Tesla for its platforms and engines. But the batteries manufactured by the company of Elon Musk could well interest PSA, just like Fiat-Chrysler. As noted by the website, shortages of batteries are expected due to the enthusiasm of ten-fold car manufacturers for electricity.

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And a collaboration between the three giants could then be prolific for all. Especially since FCA has already used Tesla to help limit its CO2 emissions, on some models in its range. This allows the Italian-American manufacturer not to pay the fines provided by the European Union in case of exceeding the thresholds. As Mike Manley points out, the relationship between FCA and Tesla is not new.