An official second skin for Lamborghini cars – – –

Faced with the boom in protective films (covering / wraping) installed by many companies, Lamborghini reacted by offering its own transparent protective film as original equipment for all current models via its official Accessori Originali line of accessories.

In recent years, the world of detailing has been growing in order to meet the demands of car owners for the protection of their bodywork and their reconditioning.

In order to retain its customers and offer a quality product, the Italian car manufacturer has developed a transparent protective film perfectly adjusted to the body of each model to protect the paintwork against stone chips, road debris and even scratches. .

Installed only at the Sant'Agata Bolognese plant, Accessori Originali's Lamborghini protective film covers the most sensitive parts of the vehicle body like an invisible second skin.

With its distinctive logo placed on the rearview mirror, you can easily identify the unique original protective film of Accessori Originali guaranteed by Automobili Lamborghini.

This option is available for all models in production and can only be purchased when setting up the new vehicle.

Photo – Video: Lamborghini

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