If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone in a lake, all hope of finding it is not lost. This is what happened to an iPhone 11 owner, who had lost her iPhone in a lake 6 months earlier, and was found functional by a team of divers.

The Auqatic Monkey YouTube channel specializes in diving. A lot of the videos are about finding lost items at the bottom of lakes, and some are still usable.

iphone 11 trouv dans un lac - An iPhone 11 submerged for 6 months in a lake still works, it was returned to the owner - Tom's Guide
iPhone 11 found in a lake – Credit: Aquatic Monkey

Chilliwack divers Clayton Helkenberg and his wife Heather have for hobby of diving at the bottom of lakes to find lost objects and to collect waste. In a video released recently, they discovered an iPhone 11, Apple’s sales star, at the bottom of Harrison Lake in Canada.

They were surprised to find that it still worked after being cleaned. Indeed, they managed to turn on the phone and finally found its owner using the SIM card. The iPhone 11 was not intact, however, since its microphone and speakers had not survived the prolonged immersion in the lake. Some smartphones that were thought to be lost are sometimes found by their owners. This is for example the case of an iPhone 6S which was found intact after falling from a plane.

Owner finds iPhone 11 after losing it 6 months earlier

Fatemeh Ghodsi, the owner of the smartphone, lives in Vancouver, Canada, more than 1,000 kilometers from the lake. She says she spent a vacation in September on the lake aboard a boat, but she dropped her iPhone 11 in the water. Park staff told him it was impossible to find the iPhone in the water.

The owner was therefore very surprised to learn that her smartphone had been found at the bottom of the lake by the team of divers, and that it was still functional. Since the iPhone 8, Apple smartphones offer a protection index IP68 which allows them to survive 30 minutes at two meters deep. Last year, we even learned that Apple would develop a completely waterproof iPhone.

The announced water-resistance of 30 minutes is of course only a theoretical delay., smartphones can generally survive in unsalted, untreated water much longer, as several videos on YouTube demonstrate. Although they are IP68 certified, we still advise you not to immerse your smartphones, sinceApple does not cover water or liquid damage to its iPhones..

Source: Aquatic Monkey