An iPhone 11 Pro with the misplaced Apple logo sold for $ 2,700, or just over $ 2,200. On the back side, the famous apple which represents the Californian brand has indeed been printed far too far to the right. This is an extremely rare printing error.

iphone 11 pro logo apple mal place - An iPhone 11 Pro with the wrongly printed Apple logo was sold for € 2,200!  - PhonAndroid

An extremely rare iPhone 11 Pro was sold for $ 2,700, reports the Internal Archive Twitter account on April 9, 2021. The user behind the account, dedicated to “Finding, sharing and preserving information on Apple prototypes”, does not specify where the smartphone was sold. The account has already gained attention by posting images of particularly rare prototypes in recent months.

The smartphone differs from other iPhone 11 Pro on the market by Apple logo position. Since 2019, the brand has placed the logo in the shape of a bitten apple in the center of the back side. On iPhone XS and earlier generations, the logo was located in the upper quarter of the case.

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An extremely rare iPhone 11 Pro

On the iPhone 11 Pro sold for $ 2,700, the Apple logo is printed several centimeters on the right. According to Internal Archive, the firm’s production lines made a printing error. We can imagine that the rear face was badly positioned on the machine before the logo was applied.

Even more amazing, this iPhone 11 Pro has escaped the company’s quality controls. The terminal was shipped to a buyer, before being sold on the second-hand market almost two years later. “Due to Apple’s extreme quality control practices, it is very rare for print errors to leave the factory. This device was shipped to a customer, which makes it incredibly rare! ” relates the Internet user.

“This printing error is extremely rare – I would say 1 in 100 million or maybe even rarer” advance Internal Archive. This extreme rarity explains the selling price of the iPhone 11 Pro. For comparison, there is a new iPhone 11 Pro around 800 euros at most resellers, including Amazon. For a reconditioned or used smartphone, count around 650-700 euros.