25665 210406103321567 0 - An experience with a professor in psychology filmed in Trun for the emisssion of Michel Cymès
Lorick, almost six years old, describes what he perceives to researcher Nicolas Poirel, in front of the cameras of France 2, at the Sainte-Famille school in Trun (Orne). (© Le Journal de l’Orne)

Wednesday March 31, 2021, a filming took place atSainte-Famille school of Trun (Orne). A experience was shot with six children from Normandy, including schools in Caen and the surrounding area, as well as their parents. They were responding to Nicolas poirel, professor of developmental psychology at Paris-Descartes University.

Also a member of the Institut universitaire de France and researcher at the CNRS psychology laboratory based in Caen, on the Cyceron biomedical imaging platform, Nicolas Poirel is working on the difference in visualization between children under six and adults. He seeks to understand how a child perceives his visual environment and which information is given priority.

In the show of Michel Cymès

For example, an adult will focus on the details of an image while the child gives priority.

The experience, recorded at the Trun school, will be broadcast in May 2021, on France 2, in the program of the doctor and journalist Michel Cymès.

The program will demonstrate how the child perceives the world and Nicolas Poirel will provide the answers necessary for understanding the regions of the brain and their evolution over the course of life.