An electric Lamborghini Urus for the less wealthy –

After the Urus, this new small SUV would represent the right way for Lamborghini to tackle the Porsche Macan.

Lamborghini has been marketing the Urus since 2018, a large ultra-sporty SUV designed on the same platform as the Audi Q7 / Q8 and other Porsche Cayenne. With its 650 horsepower, this Urus is currently establishing itself as the most efficient SUV in the world. It costs a little over 200,000 euros to purchase.

When will there be a more affordable SUV model in Lamborghini's range? This is exactly what Bat Not Bad imagines on Instagram, with a styling study showing an ultra-sporty compact SUV incorporating the brand's stylistic codes.

An electric model

This small SUV, entirely virtual and unrelated to Lamborghini, would have an electric powertrain. Exactly like the future Porsche Macan, which will also have a mechanism without fossil fuel. But it is difficult to see Lamborghini offering a model of this kind, which could be sold for less than 100,000 euros: for a manufacturer with such an exclusive image, it seems impossible.

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