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According to a new leak, theAirPower could be launched with the iPhone 12. Information that may arouse the attention of those who have been waiting for the release of this wireless charger from Apple for a long time.

If there is one accessory Apple fans are eagerly awaiting launch, it's AirPower. Announced with the iPhone X in 2017, the wireless charging pad is unfortunately not always available. Indeed, the project was canceled last year due to technical constraints.

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Unlike existing charging mats that require users to place their devices in specific locations, the AirPower had a rather interesting concept. It had to incorporate coils under its entire surface to allow energy transfer, regardless of the location of the recharged devices. A concept that Apple has unfortunately struggled to implement.

Recently, however, rumors of a possible return of the wireless charger have emerged on the Internet, along with several photos featuring the accessory.

If Ubergizmo is to be believed, this could happen with the iPhone 12s.

Availability from October?

For reasons related to the Covid-19 crisis, Apple has reportedly postponed the announcement of the new iPhone series. While this would normally take place next month, it is now scheduled for the second week of October. Some sources also suggest a presentation on Tuesday, October 13 for marketing from the following week for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max.

We should therefore be able to use AirPower from that date. Information that should be taken with caution as the originator, @LeaksApplePro, has not provided any other clues other than this possible availability with the iPhone 12.

The leaker mentions more precisely in his publication the return of a "thing" which could be the famous wireless charging mat.

An iPhone without a wired interface?

Like the iPad Pro, the iPhone 12 should say goodbye to the lightning port. However, recent rumors have indicated that there is no wired interface. The terminal could thus bypass the traditional charging port. This suggests using induction energy transfer to recharge the battery.

If this information is true, AirPower should indeed be released this year alongside the new iPhone series …

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