This new personality test is a real rage on social media for its amazing results. In this case it indicates incredible data of the way of being of a person by the form of their feet. Although they can exist of different types, here we leave you three of the most common.

Are you ready to know what it says about you? Then the answers.

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Foot 1 (Egyptian): you are a very reserved person with your private life. Few truly know what is going on in your head. You stand out for being very suspicious of absolutely everything and everyone. Despite this, on many occasions you tend to make very impulsive decisions without thinking about the consequences. You always seek to stand out in everything you do and you are very committed to everything you undertake.

Foot 2 (Greek): you stand out for being someone very energetic. You are always on the lookout for new activities and adventures. You hate inactivity and are very creative. You like to encourage and push those around you to get out of their comfort zone. You do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed quickly by the obstacles that appear to you in life, you fight until your last reserves of energy are exhausted. You are very generous and well predisposed to anyone who asks for your help.

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3 foot (square): you are a very structured person. You never make a hasty decision, before choosing something you analyze absolutely all the pros and cons. You know very well what you want in life and you work hard to achieve it. You are persistent and very constant. You have great intelligence that makes you excel in all areas. You are peaceful and you don’t like to get into conflict.