The personality tests and the psychological tests They became very popular in recent times on social media. The reason? They are an excellent alternative to combat boredom and to get to know each other in a very simple and fast way. Therefore, here we propose this challenge that, if you listen to your intuition, will surprise you with its amazing results.

All you have to do is choose one of the four shells that we leave you next. Don’t overthink your answer and listen to the first one that catches your attention. Are you ready

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Conch 1: you are a person who stands out for his intelligence. You know very well what you want in life and you are also aware of the limitations you have. You transmit peace and tranquility to those around you. You are very good at giving advice and guiding others to make decisions. You hate arguing and conflict over pointless matters.

Conch 2: you are someone who cannot stay still in one place. For you, freedom is the most important thing. You are always looking to enter new adventures and challenges. You are very intuitive and rarely make mistakes when you listen to what your heart dictates. You consider that life is one and therefore do not deprive yourself of doing anything.

f768x1 1005409 1005536 15 - Amazing test: choose a conch and find out what it reveals about you

Conch 3: you are a very confident person. You do not allow yourself to be overcome by obstacles, on the contrary, they make you stronger to achieve your goals. For you, your family is the most important thing you have. You are able to give even what you don’t have for them and you stand out for being very caring and loving with them.

Conch 4: you are someone very outgoing. You never go unnoticed in the places you go. You live your life as you want without giving explanations to anyone and the opinions of others do not affect you. You stand out for your creativity and for having no filter when it comes to saying what you think. You are very upfront and you hate hypocrisy.