already twenty patches for Android 11 and Pixel 4a

If you have a Pixel line-up smartphone, it's almost time for the traditional security update. And for Google, it is the occasion to baptize its Pixel 4a in this monthly ritual.

- already twenty patches for Android 11 and Pixel 4a

The back of the Google Pixel 4a // Source: Frandroid

Google has rolled out its first set of monthly security fixes for Android 11. It also includes the first bug fixes for the Pixel 4a.

As part of its security program, Google releases monthly fixes for its Android mobile system. These are directly made available to manufacturers in the directory hosting the source code of the OS (AOSP). For its own smartphones in the Pixel range, Google is therefore logically the first (or among the first) to deploy them.

Twenty vulnerabilities corrected on Android 11

Published last month in its stable version, Android 11 therefore receives its first batch of patches. In total, around twenty vulnerabilities have been addressed. One of them affected the runtime (runtime environment) of Android and allowed an attacker to execute malicious code. Google adds that it has erased five problems that would have allowed to override the request for permissions to users.

Four vulnerabilities, including three identified as critical, had been identified within the media framework. They would have allowed access to sensitive information. Regarding the system itself, it had no less than 10 flaws considered very severe. They too could have allowed a third party to manipulate Android's permissions system. Finally, note an update of Play services.

- already twenty patches for Android 11 and Pixel 4a

Pixel Line – October Update

An update of the Pixel range

Google took the opportunity to correct some bugs present in the Pixel 4a – already launched in certain markets and which will be available at the end of October in France, but also in its older smartphones.

In particular, the company improved the automatic rotation device which could be capricious. Note that the latest entry-level smartphone also had problems with automatic screen brightness adjustment. In a dark or on the contrary bright environment, the phone did not always adapt the settings effectively.

A few Internet users had encountered problems when starting several models in the Pixel range. The issue is now fixed, as is the inadvertent deactivation of call notifications.

Google adds that certain gestures on the interface could not be taken into account. The Pixel 4a's tactile layer finally benefits from better sensitivity when the user has applied screen protection.

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